I have a passion for sustainability and helping green businesses grow. And that’s precisely what I did when Flexi-Hex, a sustainability-focused start-up, reached out to me to translate their brochure into French. Here is how the translation of their marketing document helped them.

Who is Flexi-Hex?

Flexi Hex Sustainable Packaging Website
Screenshot of Flexi-Hex’s homepage

Flexi-Hex is a sustainability-focused small business based in Cornwall that offers 100% plastic-free packaging solutions for a wide range of products.

They began with an eco-friendly packaging sleeve to protect surfboards and have since expanded their offering. They now develop sustainable packaging solutions for a broad spectrum of commercial and industrial sectors.

What were Flexi-Hex’s goals and needs?

Flexi-Hex was looking to have a translation of their brochure to help French-speaking distributors support their sales. They needed a French translator specializing in sustainability and well versed in the field of marketing translations.

What challenges did I overcome and what solutions did I provide?

Working from a PDF document, I used an OCR (optical character recognition) software to create an editable Word file.

Because brochures are visual documents with somewhat limited space, my main challenge was to make the French translation fit in the document and keep the original layout and formatting. Since French is about 20% longer than English, it wasn’t always easy and I had to reformulate several sentences. But that’s the kind of challenges translators enjoy in marketing translation!

French marketing translation brochure
Screenshot of Flexi-Hex’s brochure translated into French

I also had to stay true to the tone of the marketing document: a friendly tone of voice, snappy sentences, positive wording and inclusive language – my kind of project!

How did translation help Flexi-Hex grow internationally?

I provided Flexi-Hex with a French translation of their brochure. After receiving feedback from a French-speaking Flexi-Hex employee, I modified a few brand-specific terms in my translation. Once they’d copied my French translation into their original design, the client was able to use their French brochure as marketing material.

In Flexi-Hex’s own words, the brochure has “supported our expansion into Europe and converting sales within our French-speaking audiences”.

What Flexi-Hex said about working with me

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